Wood Plank Roof Decks

Wood plank roof decks with pedestal supported wood bearers

You can construct a traditional wood plank deck on rooftops, plazas, terraces and garage roofs with much less work and substantially lower cost with the Eterno pedestal system for wood decks. No expensive or complex substructure of steel beams or other crisscrossing bearers is required.

The broad based, stable, adjustable decking joist supports avoid damaging waterproof membranes, permit easy accessibility for maintenance or repairs to the membrane and concealed services below, allow air to circulate freely under the deck and water to flow easily to drains.

The special heads on the joist support pedestals can accommodate practically any type of wood joist. The Eterno SE series pedestals with their self leveling heads can automatically compensate for sloping surfaces up to 5% in any direction without the need to install additional leveling components.


head for wood roof decking system

Eterno SE head for wood bearers

wood plank roof decking

Wood plank installation with bearers on pedestals

Constructing a wood roof deck with the Eterno pedestal system saves a significant amount of time and materials compared with building a traditional substructure. After setting out your pedestals in a grid and adjusting heights for level, wood bearers are simply screwed to the special wood joist heads on the Eterno pedestals. Then you just fix your traditional wood plank roof decking to the bearers using screws, nails or clips in the traditional manner.

See the video below for more complete guidance in constructing a traditional wood plank deck with the Eterno pedestal support system.