Perimeter Spacer Clips

Spacer clips for accurate spacing of gaps between paver edges and perimeter walls

Perimeter spacer clips can be used to stabilize pavers installed on Eterno pedestals and ensure precise and uniform spacing of the pavers from the perimeter walls, yet retain a small gap between the wall and the paver edges.

The stainless steel spacers are placed on the pedestal head with the vertical face of the spring clip positioned against the wall, creating a 3/8″ gap between the paver edge and the wall.



The special clip is designed to avoid damage to perimeter walls and also to permit the clip to be moved forward or back on the pedestal head, depending on the position of the pedestal in relation to the perimeter wall.


Side adjustment

Spacer with cut pedestal base

Spacer with uncut pedestal base



Length – 6 1/2″
Width – 1 1/2″
Gap width  – 3/8″
Material – Stainless steel