Estimating Requirements

How to estimate how many pedestals you'll need

Estimating the number and sizes of pedestals you’ll need for specific project especially where the surface is sloping in one or more directions, can appear to be a challenging task.

Basically the number of pedestals you’ll require for your project depends on the following:

  • total number of tiles or pavers being installed
  • dimensions of the tiles or pavers
  • weight of the tiles or pavers – larger or heavier pavers may require an additional pedestal to be placed in the center
  • shape of the area to be covered – the more irregular the shape, the more pedestals you’ll need
  • anticipated loading on the deck
  • anticipated pedestrian traffic
  • finished height of the deck


As a quick guide, you can use the following formula to estimate the approx. number of pedestals if the area is a simple rectangle or square.
Count the number of pavers or tiles along the length and width of the area. Add one to each of these numbers. Then multiply these numbers together to get the minimum number of pedestals you will require.

Although pedestal requirements can often be estimated by sketching your deck plan on a sheet of graph paper and drawing in the location of the pavers,  a much simpler way is to use our convenient online pedestal estimator here which will not only give you a print out of the estimated number of pedestals and pavers, but will allow you to consider different laying configurations and angles.


Note however you’ll still need to have the following information on hand for the software to provide the estimate.

  • Measurements of all sides around the perimeter
  • Final deck height at all transition points on the perimeter
  • Areas to be excluded (not paved)
  • Location and height of the deck at all drainage points
  • Paver or tile dimensions – L x W and thickness


In many cases, if you don’t have all perimeter and drainage point heights, the program can calculate heights if alternatively you know the slope from reference points on the perimeter.
But if you have any problems or would rather not use the software yourself, just send us a sketch with the details mentioned above and we’ll get the estimate for you.

CAD drawings of Eterno pedestals can be downloaded from the Architrex product page at
Guidespecs for submittals can be downloaded from our Download Literature page.