Slab Paver Roof Decks

Roof decks and roof terraces with pedestal supported porcelain or concrete pavers

Pedestal supported paver systems are without doubt the best way to build elevated decks, roof terraces and plaza decks on substrates which are sloping or where it is prohibited to install a ‘permanent’ structure. Irrespective of the type of pavers or tiles that will be installed over the pedestals – porcelain, stone or concrete, the following basic requirements must be met.

  • Decks must be designed not to exceed the load capacity of the pedestals.
  • The substrate under the pedestals should provide for positive drainage.
  • For decks installed over roofing substrates, roof systems must comply with local building codes.
  • Any area not bounded by a parapet or wall must be ‘boxed-in’ and fully contained so the tiles or pavers cannot move.
  • Any movement at the perimeter of the deck should not exceed 1/8”.
  • Elevated decks must comply with all relevant codes and regulations particularly relating to wind uplift and fire resistance.


The procedure for laying either porcelain, stone or pedestal supported concrete pavers for any rooftop deck construction project is essentially the same. The two videos below explain the installation procedure using either the SE pedestals with their self adjusting slope compensation heads or the Maxi pedestals with their fixed heads and add-on slope compensation shims.

Note in particular that pavers or tiles must be positioned tightly against the spacer tabs on pedestals to avoid horizontal movement. For high elevation decks or where there is likely to be heavy loads/foot traffic, we recommend using the Maxi pedestals with their wider central column and fixed heads rather than the SE pedestals.

Installation with Maxi Pedestals

Installation with SE Pedestals

If you need further help or if you have any questions about installing pavers on pedestal supports or any other aspects of rooftop deck construction using adjustable pedestals, give us a call on 866 206 8316 or send us an email.