Porcelain Pavers for Elevated Decks

Posted on April 19th, 2016

When designing elevated decks or other raised decking surfaces, structural porcelain pavers offer many advantages compared with other perhaps more conventional paving options such as concrete outdoor pavers.

Porcelain pavers not only possess exceptional strength, durability and wear resistance, but they are fire resistant, slip resistant, freeze/thaw resistant, fade resistant and stain resistant.

Whilst porcelain pavers have traditionally been installed on a thin set mortar bed, the Kronos Ceramiche range of porcelain patio pavers imported exclusively by HandyDeck are designed for installation not only on compacted sand or gravel,but also with adjustable pedestal systems for constructing elevated decks, plazas, terraces and water features in major commercial projects.

The main advantages of using porcelain pavers include:

  • high load bearing capacity – each paver supports up to 2200lb
  • fire resistant – essential for localities with strict fire codes
  • stain and scuff resistant – maintains attractive appearance even in high traffic locations
  • 0.05% water absorption – highly resistant to staining and salt damage
  • dense, non porous surface – resistant to algae and mold growth
  • freeze/thaw resistant – can be used in the most severe climates
  • slip resistant and quick drying – alleviates safety concerns
  • designed specifically for pedestal support systems – perfectly level decks guaranteed
  • approx. 50% lighter than concrete pavers – easier to transport and install
  • available in Teknowood ™ ceramic wood and ultra realistic simulated stone

For more information about porcelain pavers and their use with pedestal decking systems for constructing elevated decks or rooftop applications, call 866 206 8316.