Pedestal Systems for Elevated Decks

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Whilst interlocking tiles are a great way to quickly cover a rooftop, especially where permanent structural components are not permitted, the fact that they are placed directly over the top of the existing surface, means there will generally be a slight slope towards the drainage point.

So what if you want the surface to be perfectly level?

The most common way of achieving this is to use an adjustable pedestal system in conjunction with structural pavers. The pedestals are placed under each corner of the paver and are adjusted in height by screwing the pedestal up or down to the precise height required. Adjustable pedestals range in height from approximately 3/4″ up to several feet high, so can not only be used to simply compensate for a slightly sloping surface, but also can be used to completely lift the elevated deck surface above pipes or other service ducts. And since the pavers are not permanently fixed to the surface, they can be lifted up at any time to inspect either the service pipes or ducts or the waterproof membrane on the rooftop.

Adjustable pedestals have a large circular base which spreads the load and ensures that the existing waterproof membrane is not damaged. Inbuilt spacers on the head of the pedestals allows the pavers to be positioned with precise gaps between each paver.

HandyDeck supplies both structural porcelain pavers and structural Ipe wood pavers and also the complete pedestal system. The 2′ x 2′ porcelain pavers are not only strong and durable, but are stain resistant, frost resistant, fade resistant and low maintenance.

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